Felting soap and weaving colours

Today we felted soap to sell for our upcoming winter fair. One of the children made a logo for the packaging by carving a potato stamp.

We then went to the river and found our tree planter had been dismantled and changed by someone. The wire mesh has disappeared and someone left small colourful heart candies in even little rows on top of the soil. We wove in yarn on top and left a note in the tree. We have started a conversation with someone. We have created public art and connection.


Planting for spring in a fallen down tree


We returned to the river bringing a red wagon full of wool, soil, tulips and daffodils ready to honour a special tree. This is a work in progress, we will go back next week and add more colour and texture to our squirrel proof layer of chicken and copper wire atop the bulbs. A tree planter! We are really excited to see how this evolves over the seasons ahead. The tree is right beside a well traveled bike path and we are wondering what human elements along with natural ones might inform the art we create here.

Nature Mandalas

IMG-1561The children were asked to create a repeating pattern of colour and form. They worked quietly sourcing natural (and some man made!) objects and came up with some inspiring mandalas. We then did an art gallery tour where we visited each site, were presented with the mandalas title and were able to ask questions of the artists.


Lighting our paths


Preparing for our upcoming lantern walk (November 10th, 5pm at the Just Food Farm). We glued ripped coloured tissue paper onto clear jars brought from home. The children made a little cavern out of dark sheets and got a turn each to go into the darkness to see their fresh lanterns lit up. Here they all sit together at the front of our classroom.


Colourful Leaves


This week we worked on more formations as a group, coming into and out of our circle in the trees as Geese flying South. We even had some surprise geese show up ahead calling out to us. We gathered our favourite leaves and brought them in and waxed them. We also created some beautiful watercolour and beeswax crayon art to hang in the hallway at our school. We then bundled up for a crisp walk to the river. We made small leaf boats and put on a play taking turns quietly floating our boats down the River.

Up the river we found a majestic tree that had fallen over onto the river leaving large openings full of dead wood and leaves. The children used sticks as tools to hollow out the openings in preparation of planting tulips next week.



Weaving together

Working in small circles then coming into the whole, we started a process of learning to connect and create movement together. Small vignettes from our memories of the time spent at the river were created in this way. We also created two different weaving projects. In one of them we collected leaves and using toothpicks made them into small woven tapestries that went from the dark into the light. We attached these with copper wire, adorning each tree.

We then worked with cotton squares and created individual quilt pieces using fabric paint, posca markers, leaves, sticks and marigolds. We pieced these squares together to make a quilt on the grass. Watching at different stages of the rain coming down, the children imagined a rainbow of colours being washed away, and the petals blowing away in the wind.


Calm and Chaos

A short walk from the school we go to visit another of our neighbours, the Rideau River. Here we sat, by the rivers edge and the children all shared what they saw. Some saw man-made structures, other natural, some the wildlife and others noticed the dynamic separation between slow and fast. The calm into chaos will be a source of inspiration for a project coming up.